Alphabet Rockers use hip hop to shift they way people see themselves and each other - it's music that makes change.  Their concerts (assemblies), family and student workshops bring joy to tough topics.  Founded in 2007, the group, led by Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd, creates brave spaces for parents, educators and children to shape a more equitable world through hip hop. 

assembly Programs:

Eat the Rainbow: The Nutrition Show

Grades: K-2 - Pricing: $1,070

Students explore healthy colorful food choices, practice using their "food calculator", beat box about vegetables and value their own health and happiness in this fun assembly with Alphabet Rockers.  Our youngest students love being reminded of their power to choose and take good care.

Change the World

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

In Alphabet Rockers most popular assembly, students get up on their feet learning choreography, thinking critically about changing the world, and creating handshakes that celebrate who they are.  The result is a highly engaging performance that builds a positive school climate across race learning style and identity

Stand Up for You

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

Students see the impact of exclusion when a new kid comes to school in this engaging Alphabet Rockers assembly.  Children deepen their understanding of empathy, practice acting assertively and become up-standers.  The award-winning lyrics of this show model solidarity and bravery to be oneself.


Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

In this high-energy concert, students are highly engaged with hip hop dance, beat boxing and self-expression with Alphabet Rockers.  Students will take turns getting up onstage, performing dance moves and demonstrating understanding as proud member of your school community.  Assembly can be customized to include your school motto and learning themes.