Award-winning Alphabet Rockers create fresh musical experiences that bring students and families together through the elements of hip hop. Featuring educational messages, dancing, multicultural friendship, hip hop and beatboxing, the urban pop draws audiences in while live interactions engage learners in thinking critically and forging connections. 

assembly Programs:

Eat the Rainbow: The Nutrition Show

Grades: K-2 - Pricing: $1,070

Alphabet Rockers engage young learners in nutritious hip hop fun: from selecting breakfast foods to boost energy to evaluating nutritional value with the food calculator and celebrating eating the rainbow over the course of the day, the show provides a healthy balance of interactivity and independent thinking. 

The Playground Zone: Diversity/Community Show

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

Alphabet Rockers newest assembly raises timely issues about race, ethnicity, neurodiversity, and changing neighborhoods and community.  By employing old-school and contemporary hip hop music with street cred in ways that instantly engage young listeners, the highly interactive show draws students in and encourages critical thinking and reflection.

The New Kid: the Anti-Bullying Show 

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

Through hip hop, beatboxing, and interactive theater, Alphabet Rockers engage students with problem solving around exclusion and bullying in this energetic and uplifting assembly. Students learn skills that are proven to prevent being bullied or being a bully: empathy, assertiveness, and social problem solving. 

Get Up And Go! Dance Party

Grades: K-2 - Pricing: $1,070

Kids will be on their feet dancing to a series of songs meant to energize from head to toe. Featuring songs like “Dynamite,” with cross-body brain gym movements, and “Go!” about moving each day, the school community will be brought to life with this interactive hip hop dance show.