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We believe all children should have creative, hands-on art experiences from professional, community-based artists. You can commit to helping us reach more children where they live, learn and play with meaningful arts experiences. Together, we can help children…

  • Experience: A strong case can be made for learning through firsthand arts experiences demonstrated by professional artists

  • Understand: Thought-provoking artist residencies, workshops, and performances evoke a deep understanding of the art form and its history and culture

  • Create: Creativity transforms the way young people think, expanding their thought process and deepening their engagement

  • Connect: Teaching artists skillfully connect arts learning to other areas of study, and to kids’ lives and world, demonstrating the importance of collaboration and community

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A gift of any level has a huge impact – consider the opportunities your gift could bring to the kids we engage with tomorrow:

  • $5 per month can help one child learn about science through a clay sculpting workshop (link to Susan Peterson’s page)

  • $50 per month can support a 6-week dance residency for an entire class each school year, encouraging them to find rhythm and express themselves through improvisational poses (link to Roger Dillahunty’s artist page)

  • $75 can supply oil pastels, drawing paper, graphite and watercolor tablets to an entire classroom for a visual arts residency using insects as muse, inspiring kids to create hybrid creatures on paper (link to Beth Krebs’ artist page)

  • $250 can support one artist residency session for 2 classrooms, introducing students to oral storytelling traditions from around the world (link to Clara Kamunde’s page)

  • $400 can provide two visual arts workshops, inspiring 30 young people to paint an undersea mural inspired by Polynesian folk tales (link to Edna’s artist page)

  • $800 can fund assembly performances for an entire school where students are introduced to the history of drums in American popular music from Jazz to Hip Hop (link to Derrick D’Mar Martin’s page)

  • $1,100 can underwrite a 10-week artist residency to an entire classroom, enabling them to explore the Latino cultural experience through musical theater and opera (link to Opera Cultura’s artist page)