How to Schedule A Program

  1. Choose: Select which assembly performances, residencies, or workshops you would like to incorporate into your classroom.
  2. Schedule: Call us at 415-974-5554, ext. 7262 or send an email to From there, our team will guide you through dates, times, and choosing an artist, and we will work with you to stay within your budget.
  3.  Confirm: Once you are booked and ready to go, our staff will confirm your selection and send any information that you may need to give your students the most enriching experience.
  4. The Fine Print:
  • Cancelling and Rescheduling:

Once a program is confirmed, the artist has reserved his/her time for that date. A cancellation fee will be charged to the school for cancellations that occur within two weeks of the scheduled event.

  • Payment:

Payment for an assembly performance or residency is due within 30 days of the event occurrence. Checks are to be made payable to Young Audiences of Northern California and mailed directly.

  • Prices:

Program prices listed in the Program Guide and on this website reflect the current pricing structure for school services. Young Audiences reserves the right to adjust prices. The cost of special supplies for a residency is determined at the time of scheduling, and is confirmed at the residency planning meeting.