Lydia Morris has been creating since her earliest memory, using what ever materials were available, and she carries that imaginative, playful and innovative spirit into her class to engage the curiosity of her students. Emphasizing investigation and experimentation, Lydia enables students to build mastery and confidence by creating the things they imagine in various media. She is especially interested in building things that move, actualizing ideas students invent, and being inspired by careful observation from life. Lydia received her B.A. in painting and ceramics at San Francisco State University in 2009 and has been teaching for over a decade. She has shown her work at Gallery 2223, the Pearl Building, Galley 1822, and the Art Space Gallery in Fresno and the Martin Wong Gallery, HAPS Art Auction, Atlas, and Cup Café in San Francisco. 


Pop-up Book Innovations (Workshop)

Transportation Models Brought to Life (Workshop)

Snap Paintings of Movement (Workshop)

Two-Tone Watercolor Urban Landscape (Workshop)