Mission District native, Manolo Davila, is an arts educator, performer and organizer.  He teaches guitar at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and plays a wealth of styles and instruments.  Manolo believes in the power of music, dance, and art to aid people in living harmoniously with themselves, their community, and their environment.

assembly Program:

Common Threads

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $620

Drawing from various folkloric traditions of the African Diaspora from the Caribbean to the U.S., he connects common threads and weaves a story of struggle, rejoicing and celebration.  Using different drums and percussion instruments from different countries, this interactivity is designed to stimulate the idea that these traditions are not something alien to audience members but activities shared by all cultures.

RESIDENCY program:

 Rhythm Foundations

Grades: K-12 - Pricing $105/session

Focusing on learning basic rhythmic concepts, the residency begins with foundations and migrates into specific rhythms and more complex ideas such as syncopation and poly rhythms. Emphasis is placed on the ability to truly listen to the music and rhythms the surround us every day. The ability to "hear" is a powerful tool in critical thinking and connects us with our communities and environment. 

Workshop Program

Caribbean Rhythms

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $175/session

In this workshop we will learn about a complete rhythm from the Caribbean: it's history, the songs, the instruments, the different interlocking parts of the rhythms, and the dance accompanying the rhythm.  All of these elements strengthen our understanding of each part and give us a broader context of the social and communal uses of these traditions.