Manolo has been brought up by the Mission District and has been an arts educator, performer and organizer for the past 12 years.  He was dancing in Afro-Brazilian, Haitian, Cuban, West African and Congolese classes and doing performances with those groups.  He has participated in San Francisco’s Carnival Parade for over 20 years. He teaches guitar at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and plays a wealth of styles and instruments.  He has also worked extensively with children starting at Buena Vista Childcare, as Drum instructor for Loco Bloco and Tradicion Peruana, as a Summer Camp Counselor at Project Avery, and currently with the YMCA at C.W. Carver Elementary School. He believes in the power of music, dance and art to aid people in living harmoniously with themselves, their community and their environment. 


Common Threads (Assembly)

 Rhythm Foundations (Residency)

Caribbean Rhythms (Workshop)