Marius Starkey is an American painter known for his bold colors with emphasis on landscapes and figurative paintings.With a BA degree from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas and completed his Master's degree from Croydon College in London, England.  Marius has had numerous exhibitions across the US, in Japan and in England.  His painted heart sculpture to benefit SF General Hospital's Heroes and Hearts 2014 project resided in Union Square, San Francisco for two years.

residency Programs:

Print Making

Grades: 3-12 - Pricing: $105/ Session

Print making allows students hands on exploration while also encouraging creatively and critical thinking.  Marius brings a small etching press into the classrooms so that students can learn more about presses and create their own prints.  Print making teaches students tools and techniques that connect elements of their environment with artistic concepts of texture, pattern, and shading.

Murals Making

Grades: 2-12 - Pricing: $ 105/Session

Marius’ mural making residency programming allows students to explore this large scale art form while also connecting to history or science curricula as well as work on team and skill building.  These murals can be composed on a multitude of surfaces (including temporary or permanent).

Water Colors

Grades: 3-12 - Pricing: $105/Session

Watercolor techniques will be discovered with hands on exploration and step-by-step instruction by the artist.  At least 5 different skills will be taught with the finished watercolors after each class visit.  Color mixing, drawing, and skill building with each different watercolor bring new confidence to each student in class.