Maze Daiko combines traditional Taiko rhythms and form with non-traditional instrumentation and cross-cultural grooves. The members of Maze Daiko, Janet Koike, Kathryn Cabunoc, Tina Blaine, Carolyn West and Elaine Fong, each have years of collective experience in other Taiko or musical groups, including San Jose Taiko, Emeryville Taiko, Odaiko New England and Rhythmix Ensemble. Maze is the Japanese word for “mix.”  Maze Daiko takes the sound and voice of the Taiko drums, and “mixes” them with world music instruments from other cultures such as the marimba, santur, and djembe to create original compositions for Taiko that fill the stage with energetic choreography and vibrant sound. 


Japanese Festival Drumming (Assembly)