Sittat El Qalb is a Middle-Eastern music and dance duo, led by accomplished percussionist and educator, Mary Ellen Donald. This ensemble pairs rhythmic beats of various drums and percussive instruments with the traditional movements and visual flair of belly dancing, sharing a performance that is even further enriched by the fact that Mary Ellen is blind. Sittat El Qalb not only opens up a world of music and dance, but also provides an inspirational model for audiences by showing that a major disability need not stop one from achieving goals and realizing dreams. 

assembly Program:

Middle Eastern Dance and Drums

Grades: K-12 - Pricing: $650

This assembly performance program performance program introduces students to various percussive instruments, as Mary Ellen presents hand and finger technique on the doumbec (lap held drum), riqq (tambourine), tar (frame drum), and zagat (finger cymbals). Her co-presenter, Jadeera, wears an elaborate Beledi-style costume and performs dances shared by women in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria.