San Francisco’s Theatre of Yugen has presented its award-winning repertory of Noh and Kyogen song, dance and theatre to great acclaim on national and international tours for over three decades. Tracing its history back over six hundred years in Japan, Kyogen invokes laughter that is based on auspicious words, satire and humor and uses Japanese feudal society and folk tales as its main themes. An "art of words," its felicitous mood and vocal stylization evoke laughter that leaves a good feeling. With colorful costumes, peopled with servants, lords, wandering monks and animal spirits, Theatre of Yugen opens the door to Japan’s classical theatre, bringing this highly acclaimed art form to life. 



Kyogen Characters on Parade (Residency)

Little Bunnies (Residency)

Kyogen Passport (Residency)

Welcome to Kyogen (Workshop)

Noh- Kyogen: Then and Now (Assembly)