Golden Thread Fairytale Players

Type: Assembly, Remote
Art Form: Theater
Grade Level: K-5

Golden Thread Fairytale Players is the Bay Area's only professional theatre program that offers cultural exploration of the Middle East designed for children.

Drawn from timeless folktales and popular children’s stories from the Middle East, these entertaining plays fuse traditional performance styles such as epic storytelling and puppetry with circus arts and commedia dell arte.

Performed by two professional actors that are culturally diverse, our dynamic and humorous shows invite audience participation and make unexpected connections to contemporary culture.

To equip educators with a much needed overview of the region and its culture, Golden Thread Fairytale Players provides an informational activity guide (K-5) for each play that addresses cultural, geographical, and language arts standards. 

Golden Thread Fairytale Players performances serve children of all backgrounds by provoking empathy, cross-cultural understanding, and fosters creativity and imagination while imparting basic theatre skills. The program uniquely addresses the needs of Middle Eastern children for self-affirming performing arts, serving a community that rarely encounters meaningful reflections of its own culture in popular media. 


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