Emergency Fund for Teaching Artists

In the next four weeks alone, 24 performing and visual artists affiliated with Young Audiences will lose more than $50,000 in income because of school closures. As freelancers and independent contractors, if teaching artists don't work, they don't earn the money they need to live. 

Teaching artists lift up our students. They breathe joy, creativity, and discovery into our classrooms and use their art form to spark student curiosity and a love of learning. Let’s take care of this amazing community.

Everything you give will go directly to artists.

100% of all tax-deductible donations given to this campaign will go directly to our artists who are impacted by school closures and cancellations. Young Audiences will cover all donation processing fees. And, thanks to National Young Audiences, who is waiving our affiliate dues, we are able to apply $2,344 towards this fund immediately.