Mindanao Journey -Virtual

Type: Remote
Art Form: Dance
Grade Level: K-12
Scheduling Request

Kultura Kapwa  presents their popular live assembly program "Mindanao Journey" as a distance presentation option! 
This interactive educational presentation series introduces K-12 audiences to the music and dance of Mindanao Philippines. The following four segments which can be presented separately or all together 
Part 1: Introduction to Kulintang music 
Part 2: Introduction to the Pangalay dance 
Part 3: Introduction to the Sagayan dance 
Part 4: Introduction to the Malong 
All four programs include a live distance teaching component via Zoom with either the full Kultura Kapwa ensemble or individual members of the ensemble. The live instruction will be a customized scheduled event and the videos will be utilized as part of this scheduled live instruction. Each event will be customized to meet the specific needs and interests of the class/school. 

Program Includes: Video content and option for live-streamed performance.  

Program Trailer:  Mindanao Journey

Length: Each individual video is 15 minutes and the live virtual assembly is 45 minutes

4 videos only: $700.00

4 videos + Live Session with one Kultura Kapwa Member: $900.00

4 Videos + Live Session with the full Kultura Kapwa ensemble: $1,200.00

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