El Abuelo -Virtual

Type: Remote
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: TK-8
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“El Abuelo” (also known as “The Tree and the Donkey who loved to sing”) is a bilingual, highly participatory and original story told with the song, musical instruments and sweet characters of Mexican music and dance. This program, appropriate for libraries, primary schools and family performance series’, is beloved by all ages and backgrounds, whether Spanish-speaking or new to Latin traditions. The audience will sing like owls, dance like vultures and laugh with the humorous “Abuelo”. In a bilingual weave that entices participation, the duet tells the story of a lonely tree and a donkey who loves to sing. Their communication is the percussive dance of the tree and the rhythms of the donkey jaw bone. Their music attracts the birds, the animals and one special human: Abuelito (grandfather). The life cycle turns and with the donkey’s jaw bone and the wood of the tree abuelito makes musical instruments; the dance of his townsfolk in community echoes the heartbeat of the tree. Children and their families are invited to sing, dance and play with traditional songs and dance pieces from different regions of Mexico. 

Cascada de Flores’ celebrates 20 years of performing, educating and recording. Their performances are at once humorous while universally heartwarming. “El Abuelo” touches on a large variety of educational themes: 
-Identity and Historical connections: Spanish, Indigenous & African Influences in Mexican/Latina Culture 
-Instrument Making 
-Stringed vs percussion instruments 
-Music making and dance as a Community 
-Science: Type of trees whose wood is used for guitar making, Birds (rooster, owl and vulture, birds of prey and scavenger) 
-How to tell a story (using music and creative movement) 
-Life and death in nature 

 Program Includes: Pre-recorded video, option to have a personalized introduction, and/or Q&A with artists.