Offering affordable school-based enrichment classes, all classes focus on creativity and determination. Circuses of Smiles’ teaching artists create an environment that is both collaborative and non-competitive. The team of teaching artists are experienced working in schools and focus on creating a safe and nurturing space for students to explore, create, and develop new skills.


Circus of Smiles

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $1,070

Join Mr. Quick and Mr. Mustache on a comical circus adventure. These jugglers are one part Charlie Chaplin, one part Loony Toons and 100 parts hilarious. Their interactive performance appeals to audiences of all ages and even invites willing attendees to participate in the spectacle. This action-packed romp through a world of silliness and wonder will leave you in stitches. You’ll walk away thinking “is there anything they can’t juggle!?”

workshop programs:


Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/session

You don’t have to run away to join this circus. Students try their hand at juggling, tumbling, and the art of comedy in a supportive and fun environment. Students learn that teamwork, courage, and perseverance are just as important as balance, coordination, and strength, as they reach heights they never thought possible.

Upcycled Circus

Grades: K-5 - Pricing: $175/session ($30 materials fee per workshop)

Flex your maker skills while building props using recycled materials, found objects, and your imagination.

Then flex your creativity learning to juggle, balance on a rola bola, or spin poi using the prop you just created.