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The power of creativity and play to catalyze personal change inspires Clara’s work as a performer, teacher, laughter yoga leader, and team builder. Clara brings her experiences to the classroom to encourage play-based self-realization and to enable individuals and communities to thrive.


Fair’s Fair

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Clara tells ancient tales from around the world that entertain and teach fairness, kindness, and justice as universal values. 

Tales Without Borders: The World through Wisdom Stories

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Student imaginations transport them to a different time and place. Clara stories share aspects of each selected country’s contribution to human culture.

Trickster’s Treats

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Trickster tales and fables are found in all cultures around the world. These tales help us better understand human behavior. 

Safaris Stories

Grades: K-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Set in the vast African landscape, animals abound in tales that educate about the climate, ecology, and geography of this great continent.

Shake It Up With Shakespeare!

Grades: 3-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Through storytelling, improv, mime, and playfully exploring Shakespeare’s language, students immerse in the

imaginary world of Shakespeare’s popular plays


Tellin’ Tales in School: The FUN(damentals) of Storytelling

Grades: 2-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Students are introduced to traditional oral storytelling through sequential arts learning experiences aligned with English Language Arts standards.

Tell it Like it is

Grades: 3-6 - Pricing: $770.00

Using diverse story sources such as songs, spoken word, poetry, drama, and interviews students will engage in creative self-expression that develop their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

 Tales From the Easel(This program can be presents as an Assembly or Residency.)

Grades: 3-6 - Pricing: $770/Assembly - $105/Residency per/session

This residency integrates visual art, storytelling, and facilitated conversations that examines art and encourages students to make personal connections with the art to create stories inspired by them.


Grades: K6 - Pricing: $175/session

Clara offers an additional workshops specifically themed with each assembly program