Celebrate Black History: Special Assembly Opportunities

Young Audiences honors the many artistic and historic contributions of African Americans. We are offering discounts ($100 off) on select assembly programs that showcase incredible stories of courage, wisdom, and humor through traditional and contemporary African-American storytelling and music.

Book by February 15th, 2018 for any performance date* thru May 15th, 2018.
*Dates are subject to artist’s availability.

Assembly Performances by:

Alphabet Rockers

  • "Change the World" – Students get up on their feet learning choreography, thinking critically about changing the world...
  • "Stand Up for You" – Students see the impact of exclusion when a new kid comes to school in this engaging assembly...
  • "Shine" In this high-energy concert, students are highly engaged with hip hop dance, beat boxing and self-expression...

Clara Kamunde

  • "Fair’s Fair" – Clara tells ancient tales from around the world that entertain and teach fairness, kindness, and justice as universal values... 
  • "Tales Without Borders: The World through Wisdom Stories" – Students' imaginations transport them to a different time and place...
  • "Trickster’s Treats" – Trickster tales and fables are found in all cultures around the world. These tales help us better understand human behavior... 
  • "Safaris Stories" – Set in the vast African landscape, animals abound in tales that educate about the climate, ecology, and geography of this great continent...

Diane Ferlatte

  • "Aesop: Alive & Well" - Diane weaves five of Aesop’s fables emphasizing creativity, perseverance, honesty, and the difference between need, want, and greed.
  • "Have I Got a Story To Tell" - Drawing on stories and songs from African-American history and folktales, this program emphasizes principles, character, and values.
  • "The Promised Land: The Dream of a King- Martin Luther King, Jr." - From “Jim Crow” to “This Land is Our Land,” this program honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy with stories and songs from the Civil Rights struggle and Dr. King’s personal reflections.
  • "Wickety Whack: Brer Rabbit is Back" - This Grammy-nominated, award-winning program brings to life tales of a little rabbit that outsmarts bigger and stronger animals. These tales gave slaves in the South hope and provided humor in the face of adversity.
  • "We Were There" - This program emphasizes not only Black History, but Blacks in American History, and provides an excellent tie-in to an American history curriculum.

Hip Hop Fundamentals

  • "The Principles of Hip Hop" - Hip Hop Fundamentals uses interactive dance to explore Hip Hop’s rich cultural history and how undeserved inner-city youth changed the world. This extremely dynamic show focuses on youth empowerment, diversity, creativity, and working together, embodied by Hip Hop’s four principles: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun!


Kirk Waller

  • "Cultural Tales from Around the World" - Using a dynamic blend of mime, musicality and emotion, Kirk takes students around the world with wonderful, moving and humorous tales from Europe, South America and Africa
  • "Storytelling: Quck, Gabble, Squawk and Other Animal Tales" - Do you know why birds peck away at the ground or why the turtle shell is cracked? Hear delightful pourquoi or “How-They-Came-To-Be” tales, as well as a host of other courageous, silly and serious animal stories
  • "African American Folktales and Legends" - Kirk shares incredible stories of courage, wisdom and humor, through African and African-American stories, folktales and legends.


  • "Rhythm, Harmony and Improvisation" - In this assembly performance program, SoVoSo demonstrates their dynamic and inspirational "voices only" music-making and group improvisations.
  • "One planet, One World, One People" - This in-depth performance honors Black History Month and contributions of African Americans, specifically in the music field.  SoVoSo share their own personal stories, the history of African-American musicians and how they have inspired and changed music for the better: a celebration with an overall message that we are "One Planet, One World, One People."


Call (415) 974-5554 or email scheduling@ya-nc.org to book an assembly today.  

Assembles must be booked by February 15th, 2018 for performance dates through May 15th, 2018. This special offer does not apply to any previously contracted assemblies or program. PLEASE NOTE: Dates are subject to assembly artists’ schedules and availability.