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Our arts learning programs for PreK–12 grade students include inspiring assembly programs, hands-on workshops and in-depth residencies.

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Workshops and Residencies

Often occurring before or after an assembly performance, workshops provide concentrated, hands-on arts experiences in which students connect with the artist they have just seen perform and explore their own creativity.

Workshops are more condensed than residencies in that they can occur just one, two, or three times. While they are not as involved or detailed in terms of skill-building or experimentation as a longer residency, workshops invite students to engage closely with an art form and participate in learning a dance, song, or cultural element in a way that often inspires future interest.

A residency transforms the classroom into a studio by bringing a Teaching Artist into the students’ routine for a period of 6 to 16 sessions, offering students the chance to experience an art form close-up, hands-on and for an extended period. Residencies are geared toward forging deep connections and fostering creativity.

Very often, the Teaching Artist links the content of residency to something the classroom teachers are working on in the curriculum, or, something the school is working on at-large (such as linking a visual arts program to math or science topics; or using a drumming residency to foster team-building or school citizenship).

Every residency begins with a Planning Meeting between classroom teachers and the Teaching Artist to ensure a successful, collaborative experience.


Assembly Programs

Assembly performances invite students to experience a professional dance, theater or music program right in their school. These programs can occur as single, school-wide performances, or as two back-to-back performances divided by grade-level.

Travel fees may be applied to assemblies farther than 25 miles away from Young Audiences' offices and/or artists' business address. Round trip miles are based on current IRS government rates:


$35 - between 25-34 miles round trip
$48 - between 35- 44 miles round trip
$60 - between 45 - 55 miles round trip

After 55 miles a flat $0.65 per one way (fee will double for round trip)


Professional Development

We offer professional development workshops and coaching-based residencies to schools, school districts and arts organizations in integrated learning, Common Core Standards, arts infusion and literacy development. Experts in program design and evaluation, Arts Ed Matters excel at listening to the goals of your program and custom designing a package that meets your needs, led with rich learning opportunities for children and adults.

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