Boxtales Theatre Company

Type: Assembly
Art Form: Theater
Grade Level: K-8

Boxtales Theatre Company is celebrating its 2​​5th year as an award-winning touring theatre company, based in Santa Barbara, CA. We perform school assemblies designed for ages K-6. Boxtales’ mission is to bring myths and folktales from around the world to young audiences using masks, movement, music, and storytelling. All Boxtales original work is based on world mythology, folktales and multicultural literature that inspires imagination, strengthens cultural awareness, fosters tolerance, and engages people of all ages in the immediacy of live theatre, and creates a powerful sense of wonder in audiences.

Beyond the traditional disciplines of the theatre, BOXTALES makes use of many styles borrowed from other performance and cultural traditions such as storytelling, masks, dance, martial arts, circus arts, acro-yoga, and radical sports. We try to create images in the mind of the audience without the use of too many props or a set of any kind. We often transform from one character to another on stage, using simple props, costume pieces or just physical characterization. Sometimes we will take turns playing a character. We have found that this “Actor Driven” and “imagistic” approach engages our audience’s imagination, and tends to make the work open to various interesting interpretations.

Programs Offered