How does art integration support student learning?

by John J. Alecca

Dec 12, 2022

Arts integration engages students and offers a variety of ways to construct and demonstrate understanding. In addition, arts integration helps teachers rethink their roles, impacting their approaches to learning instruction and their relationships with students. 

So, what does that really look like? Does it work? 

For the 5th graders attending South San Francisco Unified School District's Summer School, it looked more inclusive and creative, resulting in a deeper connection to the curriculum. 

Combining classroom teacher Jennifer Albright's love of science and visual artist Edna Cabcabin Niran's commitment to the energy found in nature and the environment, this cohesive blend of the science and visual art projects allowed the students to express themselves and communicate differently. 

Producing their own-pop up journals, nature observations, water-based media, process art techniques, recyclables, and eco-green materials. The science of light and energy came alive, bringing these 5th graders together and galvanizing their summer learning experience. As we know, all students learn differently!