A Message of Solidarity & Hope

Young Audiences of Northern California, our staff, board and community of artists, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight against systemic racism and injustice. Our organization will continue to provide programs where young people can learn and discover artistic means of advocating for and expressing themselves. 

We know that when children express themselves through different mediums and conceive something beautiful and memorable, they are inspired to remain actively engaged within their communities.  

  • Art demonstrates the importance of interconnected roles and the notion that every person contributes to the whole. 
  • Art fosters a sense of belonging, and a drive to forge a path and make a difference; it creates an idea of importance to the greater good that carries through all aspects of life.

We affirm our commitment to equitable access to an education that includes the arts. 

  • Artists shape culture. 
  • Artists help us to see, understand, and express injustice. 

And, if we want to build a world that is just—we as a society need to be able to imagine that world. The arts are critical to that.  

Through our mission of creating art experiences that inspire young people, expand learning, and enliven communities, we will continue to work with schools and community partners and use arts education as a way of supporting youth as they process their emotions and the challenges they face in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and America as people of color.