Christell's Poem

As an artist…….

As an artist, I must admit
I’ve been dancing to a bleak rhythm in darkness
Moving to a beat of resistance, unable to shake the taste of bitterness
From accepting the current state of our existence

I’ve been singing a solo melody of the thought of the unknown
With the unpleasantness and disparity of uncertainty

I’ve been standing on a stage 
In my living room, allowing fear to consume my inner peace
With anxiousness and restlessness as my audience

I’ve been writing words that begin to fade in a confused 
And unclear state of an unmotivated shelter in place

Just when I think, the key ingredients that shaped and defined me as an artist
Has fallen dormant and stagnant
From the reality of being physically distant and disconnected

I find encouragement through the testament of strength 
from my artist community who are still allowing their artistry to shine
Despite these grim and desolate times

In me, this truth begins to rise 
Art lives, exists
It is the breath to my resilience
The dance that uplifts burdened spirits
The stage that brings magic and wonder 
And celebrates the human experience
The song that you will hum to help you overcome

By, Christell Lewis

Christell Lewis is our Program Manager at Young Audiences of Northern California. She is an arts educator, actor, singer and dancer. She recently performed in the play "Inked Baby" at Crowded Fire Theater in San Francisco this past fall.