Meet Samantha Bryer

Young Audiences of Northern California’s New Board President: Samantha Bryer

Young Audiences of Northern California, one of the Bay Area’s leading arts education providers for the past 61 years, has named Samantha Bryer, Managing Partner of Weir Catering and Events, as the new head of the organization’s board of directors.

As Managing Partner since 2018 and former Director of Catering and Events, Samantha oversees logistics, menu planning and design. Prior to joining Weir and Associates, she spent 10 years with Joie de Vivre Hospitality and The Four Seasons, working in sales, marketing and catering & event planning. San Carlos based Weir Catering has earned the reputation as a leading caterer in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and very popular within the south bay corridor.

Samantha Bryer, an active member of the Young Audiences of Northern California’s board for the past 5 years, has served on various committees including Development/Fundraising, Finance and served as co-chair of the 2019 60th Anniversary Committee.

We asked Samantha to reflect on what role Arts Education has played in her life and why she remains so passionate about the work we do at Young Audiences of Northern California.

Arts Education has touched all of us in some way throughout our lives. Is there a specific moment you can share about how arts education has touched your life?

SB: At a very early age I knew I was drawn to visual art and music.  I was very fortunate to have a 2nd grade elementary teacher who was passionate about art and the Impressionists.  This teacher incorporated arts education into the classroom every day, and I know that this had a tremendous effect on me and my love of art galleries & museums.  And, as far as music, my family has always encouraged my sister and me to sing, dance and play an instrument!  I took guitar and piano lessons between the ages of 10 and 13.

What motivates you to stay involved in arts education?

SB:  I went to public school my entire formative years and even college - UCLA!  I was lucky in that the arts programs in elementary school were still intact. I know how fortunate I was to have the exposure through school at such a young age.  Today most public schools do not have the funds to teach art as part of the core curriculum.  I believe that Young Audiences of Northern California helps fill that void.

How do you see, in your new role as President of Young Audiences of Northern California, our organization helping solve the lack of arts education in schools?

SB: Good question, and, it’s a tough question!  My goal is to help continue to grow our Board, and further educate our communities on the importance of art programs in school!  My love of the visual arts and music is a direct result of what I was exposed to as a kid.  It has shaped by perspective on the differences between cultures and people and it fuels my passion, especially when I hear lyrics of a song that move me to be a better person, partner and overall a more compassionate human being.