¡Aqui-les va... un cuento! - The Treasure of Aquiles

Type: Assembly
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: K-5
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Aquiles, a boy whose pueblo is barren of dance, music, and song, sets out on an adventure with his favorite morral (a bag filled with his favourite things). Along the way, he learns to sing from a bee, the joy of rhythm from a horse, and to dance from a flea. Aquiles’ morral becomes his treasure: filled with new found stories, songs, games, dances and rhymes which he brings back to his town.

Come join him in his adventure! Sing, dance and play with Cascada de Flores. (Original songs by Cascada de Flores’ co-founder Jorge Liceaga) This story is bilingual and highly participatory

“I really appreciate how music and dance were paired with a story and how rich the performance was. Cascada de Flores was wonderful at connecting literacy skills, like syllabication and oral storytelling, into the performance.” SF Bay Area Teacher

Length: 40 Minutes plus Q & A or instrument petting, if desired
Audience Size: Up to 100
Curriculum Connection: Music Latino Heritage Spanish Bilingual, Literacy, Vocal & Music exploration, dance, song writing

$1,170.00/up to two back to back assemblies

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