RHYTHM: Reaching Youth Through Music

Type: Assembly
Art Form: Music
Grade Level: 6-12
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RHYTHM: Reaching Youth Through Music, is an immersive educational series that brings members of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus into your school community. The program is available in person.

SFGMC prides itself on engaging with your school community through a series of workshops and surveys to ensure the featured RHYTHM performance has the greatest impact possible. The assembly is customized for each school, uplifting the diverse voices of the queer students while educating the entire student body more deeply about their school community. The performance reflects the diverse voices and faces of the Chorus and includes choral singing - including a combined virtual performance with the school's choir (if applicable); personal stories from singing members with themes of pride, individualism, anti-bullying, and advocacy; and a Q & A. RHYTHM empowers students to be their most authentic selves and unites allies in solidarity against the pervasive climate of bullying and teen violence. The curriculum includes preparation in the classroom prior to and following the Chorus' appearance.

The complete in person RHYTHM program includes:
-A workshop with the school's GSA, (optional)
-A workshop with the school's choir (optional)
-An all-school assembly, ranges from 45-75 minutes
-Post assembly lunch with the GSA (optional)

The program is available in person.

PLEASE NOTE: Limited availability, inquire early to ensure availability.

Click here for a preview of RHYTHM! 

Length: 60 minutes

Contact us for fees.  fees based on schedule, planning and mileage.