Type: Assembly
Art Form: Theater
Grade Level: 6-12
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SFBATCO (San Francisco Bay Area Theater Company) - Perspectives of Pride

This newly commissioned interdisciplinary program focuses on using the power of the arts to bring a message of tolerance, understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth issues.

A diverse group of 5 local LGBTQ+ artists come together to present a series of original vignettes/scenes, songs, dance and visual art pieces that express unique experiences within the LGBTQ+ community in the Bay Area and build awareness of resources for LGBTQ+ youth.

The works stem from a team of artists that interviewed educators, youth, local care and culture workers dealing closely with LGBTQIA+ communities to identify core issues facing LGBTQ+ youth in the Bay Area.

For a preview of SFBATCO, please click below:

Length: 45 minutes

$1560/up to two back-to-back assemblies