Soul of Langston

Type: Assembly
Art Form: Theater
Grade Level: 4-12
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What would have become of Hip-Hop if Langston Hughes never took to poetry or of Civil Rights if the Harlem Renaissance never flourished? Soul of Langston answers that question in a one-man show that explores the life and contributions of American poet, playwright, and civil-rights activist Langston Hughes. In his study room, Langston reflects back on the tragedies and triumphs that constructed his life and the worldwide impact of his literary accomplishments…going from “busboy and poet” to becoming Harlem’s wonder, helping establish the Civil Rights movement through the Harlem Renaissance. SoL takes the bitter-sweet wit and wisdom of Langston’s poetry, fused with jazz and blues and translates it into an inspiring story of resilience and persistence, daring you to dream!

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Length: 45 minutes
Audience Size: 500

Back to Back Assemblies (two): $1560

Single Assembly: $910